I don’t ski anymore


Bukovel is more than a ski resort


I was a bit nervous when my cousin Ivanna and her husband Sasha ushered me to the ski lift. I have many memories of skiing in Northern Michigan. Some fond memories when I mastered the “bunny hill”, reserved for beginners and children. Then there are the terrifying memories. Times when at the top of the “mountain” or hill, I realized how high up I was and remembered I really was kind of afraid of heights. At this point there was only one way down. The thought of loosing control would cause me to freeze up and become rigid. I then would turn into to perfect bullet and speed down the hill, with no hope of ever stopping.

Thankfully at Bukovel you can ride the ski lift to the top of the Carpathian mountians, walk around, then hop on the lift back down. Such a fun experience.


The resort is open all year long, with a long list of activities, including “roller coaster” and “bike” zip lining.  As well as trout fishing, horse back riding, water skiing, rafting and scuba diving. Our visit was near the end of the ski season.  Visitors were enjoying the last of the snow.  Above I included the list with prices.  It might be a bit pricey for an average Ukrainian family to spend a weekend or longer here. But it is beautiful.


These frogs were enjoying the lake. I was amazed at how many were there.  The mountain streams of the Prut River wind through Yaremche. We stopped near the river and had a nice picinic lunch.


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On our way to Yaremche we spent some waching some kayakers paddle their way through a short rapids under a bridge. They were well protected with helmuts and wet suits. Some were tossed around a bit before righting their kayaks. One person in an inflated kayak was actually tossed out and his kayak became wedged betwen some rocks.


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A Photo Dash through Lviv


Get to meet a couple of super heroes

Lviv is a city alive with incongruacies and frequent visual surprises., Here I quickly include a few that got my attention last Friday morning.

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Somethings don’t get lost in translation

Determined flower

This flower pushing it’s way through the cement reminded me of how artists add beauty to our lives in the same fashion. Not always, but many times an artist must not be afraid to stand alone and expose themselves to the world.

New work in progress “I am Here”

You may never know how your determination helps inspire others. More importantly it provides an opportunity for some new understanding of ourself and how we connect to the world around us.

It reminds me of a quote by sculptor John Rood. I can’t remember it exactly, but it was something about how art was one of the best ways for us humans to communicate an understanding of each other.

From my window today

This is the first day I have several hours during the morning to reflect and be alone with my thoughts. I took the photo of the flower on my walk back from the studio of Hanna Drul . I have been fortunate a friend introduced us. Thank you Ustyna Soroka. Hanna has welcomed me into her studio It is a joy to be with of an accomplished artist and all around wonderful woman. Hospitality, grace and kindliness need no language. A warm smile is a powerful universal expression of acceptance.

Lviv National Academy Student

Lviv National Academy student

Ksenia, Lviv National Academy graduate assistant

Natalka, Lviv National Academy graduate assistant

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