“Let life be a moment and turn from moments, we have eternity in our hearts” Ivan Franko

Another quick city tour. This time Ivano Frankvisk in South West Ukraine. Judy 90-190 miles from Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. January weather typically can range from 19-34 F, July highs above 70 F.


The city has undergone many changes since it’s beginning in 1662, including a name change. 1962 Stanyslaviv was renamed Ivano Frankivsk after the famous poet Ivan Franko. Franko was a frequent visitor. Reflective of city’s and Ukraine’s changing rulers, he wrote in Ukrainian, Polish and German. Half of the city was destroyed by fire in 1868., If was occupied by Russian troops during WWI. Taken over by Austria in 1918, Poland in 1921 and the site of battles between Germany and Russia in 1941. Because of the need to rebuild, the city has a newer feel than Lviv.


Utilizing Framents of the old city’s defense wall they created an entertainment center. “Bastion” as they call it, is full of shops, restaurants and an indoor walkway gallery.

I loved walking on the pedestrian part of the Nazalezhnosti Street. It was fun seeing all the sculptures.

The city is continuing to grow, with a population close to 230,000. You can see some of the changing history in the variety of architecture. The photo above is the largest hotel in Ivano-Franvisk. Hotel Nadiya is a 3 star hotel, has 244 rooms and 2 restaurants. When I first saw it I wondered if it was a casino, because it is so big and bright. No sure when it was built but know it wasn’t here in 1662.

I plan to go back to Ivano- Franvisk soon. It is surprisingly more artsy than I had remembered.









About Babs

I'm a narrative sculptor navigating her way through the ever-changing currents in what feels like an art ocean. Whether appreciating the calm rhythm of calls for art and exhibiting, or waiting to catch a big wave of inspiration to take me to the top. I just love being in the water. Formerly a pickle packer, theater major, crisis counselor and occupational therapist with a BA in Communications and a BS in Occupational Therapy, only to discover I've always been an artist. My work grows from a strong connection to people and a passion for discovering the beauty in ordinary things. I sculpt figuratively in clay, utilizing the female form and women’s themes. Frequently my inspiration is drawn from childhood memories and my own short poems. Like each of us as humans every work is uniquely influenced by the past and present and has a narrative.
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