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I'm a narrative sculptor navigating her way through the ever-changing currents in what feels like an art ocean. Whether appreciating the calm rhythm of calls for art and exhibiting, or waiting to catch a big wave of inspiration to take me to the top. I just love being in the water. Formerly a pickle packer, theater major, crisis counselor and occupational therapist with a BA in Communications and a BS in Occupational Therapy, only to discover I've always been an artist. My work grows from a strong connection to people and a passion for discovering the beauty in ordinary things. I sculpt figuratively in clay, utilizing the female form and women’s themes. Frequently my inspiration is drawn from childhood memories and my own short poems. Like each of us as humans every work is uniquely influenced by the past and present and has a narrative.

Де я? Where am I

Де я? Where am I? This is the theme of my time here in Lviv so far. However, it could be a metaphorical reminder to live life in the moment. Frequently stoping and taking in where you are and deciding … Continue reading

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In the beginning


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Short Self-guided spontaneous tour of Lviv city center.

I have still not adjusted to the time change. I stayed awake until 3 am. Woke up to my alarm at 8 am. Decided to rest for a couple more minutes and didn’t wake up until 1pm. By the time … Continue reading

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Using Google Maps App in Lviv

My Airbnb is only a 10 minute walk from Rynok Square at the Center of the city. So getting around should be no challenge. Unfortunately my sense of direction is famously flawed and the map app would tell me to … Continue reading

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I have arrived

  Making my first home made cup of coffee in Lviv, no fancy coffee maker required. Coffee is ground very fine. You put grounds in a cup. I used 2 tablespoons. Then add hot watter and cover cup with a … Continue reading

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Quick Travel Tips

If you are unlucky enough to have your flight delayed long enough for a hotel stay, be kind to yourself if it is in your budget and stay at a hotel inside the airport. The Sheraton Hotel in Toronto provide … Continue reading

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Interrupted Trip

A dog is barking somewhere. Finally people are awake. Wish I had take photos at the silent airport last night. Our plane from Windsor finally arrived here in Toronto at 1am. My flights to Warsaw then connecting to Lviv were … Continue reading

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