Art, Inspiration and Everyday…



Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Sometimes you need to go looking for it; a museum, a class, a walk in the woods or a vacation. Everyday interactions can also stir creative tangents. I never thought adopting a puppy would lead to any new art. But life is full of happy surprises, if you are open to them.


Come to Dancing Dog Gallery tonight 7-10PM. Featured artist is Susan Lawless.

My work will be there too.

SongLines Poems and Photographs by Susan Lawless

About Babs

I consider myself a narrative artist, fascinated by the uniqueness of our human experience. Sculpture has enabled me to capture endless stories. I’m particularly seduced by the tangible qualities of Clay. Process and product are equally irresistible to me.
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2 Responses to Art, Inspiration and Everyday…

  1. Mary Maude says:

    Yeah! For doggie inspiration! & “Dog Ma” I love visual puns.

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