Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

What does it mean to be “Old”?

Old train bridge with New Graffiti

 A quick search of online dictionaries garnered these definitions;
Having lived or existed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life, 2)Made long ago; in existence for many years, 3)Having or exhibiting the physical characteristics of age, 4)No longer in general use, 5)Familiar through long acquaintance or repetition, 6)Cherished; dear: used as a term of affection or familiarity, 7)Out-of-date; unfashionable.  I’m not sure of the exact age of this bridge.  A safe guess is that it is over 100 years old.  Is that old, for a bridge?  Age can be relative.  Some of the graffiti on the bridge is new.  Well new to me, it wasn’t there the last time I walked past it.  How old are your shoes? For a runner logging in 25 miles a week, 3 months may be old for a pair of running shoes. As an artist responding to ‘call to art’ I’m frequently challenged to set aside “old” work.  Many competitive exhibits don’t want to show art you created more than 3 years ago. New isn’t always qualitatively better, in my opinion. However, studies have revealed our brain typically seeks out novelty and ignores the old.

About Babs

I consider myself a narrative artist, fascinated by the uniqueness of our human experience. Sculpture has enabled me to capture endless stories. I’m particularly seduced by the tangible qualities of Clay. Process and product are equally irresistible to me.
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