Sculpting my way through winter.

January presents it’s challenges. Living in the North the grayness of winter can take it’s toll on creativity. My mind frequently wanders to far away tropical places, or simply takes refuge in warm memories of summers past. It’s hard to stay focused on today.

Sculpting is still proving easier than writing for me. There is a visceral, mindlessness that allows my hands to get lost in the clay. I know my brain is involved, but it’s more like the motor memory of some overly practiced routine; like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

Then to try and take this same brain and get it form clear sentences, from some random flash. How do you people write daily blog posts? Where do you find the time and space to organize your thoughts. Seems like my best ideas come when I’m in the shower. Haven’t figure out how to keep my fleeting brilliance from slipping down the drain with all that soapy water.

The clay is so much more tangible and easy to control. Here’s more of the evolving lump of clay below.

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About Babs

I consider myself a narrative artist, fascinated by the uniqueness of our human experience. Sculpture has enabled me to capture endless stories. I’m particularly seduced by the tangible qualities of Clay. Process and product are equally irresistible to me.
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