10th Annual Art Walk

bust with door

Friday, October 9 5-10pm and Saturday, October 10 Noon-5pm

Hope that we have good weather and a lot of people stop by our studio.  I will be doing a demonstration a from 6-7pm on Friday, October 9th.  Casting a small figure in porcelain using a plaster mold.  For more information see   Art Walk

West Huron Sculptors
416 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor 48103, 734-646-1865
Open By Appointment Only
West Huron Sculptors’ studio is housed in what was once the Ann Arbor Ice House. The insulated locker now functions as a sculpture storage area. The small shared single room studio contains sculpture stands, shelving and a clay work area. On display is the figurative work of the six sculptors that share the studio. Each artist’s sculpture differs in style, size and finish.
From classical bronze busts to multi-media ceramic figures all depict the human form through the individual artist’s expression in clay.
The studio is located in the gray building across the street from the Ann Arbor YMCA.

About Babs

I consider myself a narrative artist, fascinated by the uniqueness of our human experience. Sculpture has enabled me to capture endless stories. I’m particularly seduced by the tangible qualities of Clay. Process and product are equally irresistible to me.
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2 Responses to 10th Annual Art Walk

  1. I really love the face on this piece, and the symbolism of the door leading to her heart.

  2. barbaramelnikcarson says:


    Thank you so much for your comment and taking time to look. I’m fascinated by what is hidden from our immediate view. There is always more to see, if we just look a little harder.

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